Creating equity for People of Determination in the Middle East.



Inclusive Classrooms

Empowering students to embrace diversity & inclusion in their community.



Inclusive Workplaces

Connecting skilled People of Determination with meaningful employment.


NorthStart E-Learning

Creating equity in the classroom


To support schools in achieving Inclusive Education Policy Framework objectives while also contributing to PSHE & moral education programs, NorthStart has developed 10 Interactive and informative e-learning modules which guide mainstream students towards the positive benefits of developing an open and inclusive mindset towards People of Determination.

NorthStart e-learning is designed to develop character and leadership traits and educate learners on how an open and diverse mindset is not just good for people and society, but also increases their own future employability.



Innovative and culturally appropriate approach to inclusion awareness education


Transitions the mainstream student mindset towards social model thinking, promoting increased psychological safety for students who experience SEND

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Cost conscious and scalable solutions that can flex with the school’s requirements


Data analysis ensures regular and time bound monitoring to inform targeted improvement strategies and measures of success


NorthStart Recruitment

Creating equity in the workplace


Specializing in graduate-level Emirati People of Determination recruitment, NorthStart helps businesses to become better corporate citizens, by enabling them to harness the unique skills and abilities that People of Determination bring to the workforce.  


From facilitating interview days to providing onsite candidate development, we offer practical support to clients and candidates throughout all six stages of the recruitment lifecycle, to ensure the best chance of long-term success. 


Increase cultural ties through innovative localization hiring


Increase workforce creativity, innovation and productivity

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Improve talent attraction and retention, and customer loyalty and satisfaction


Strengthen social identity and reputation




Recognized as an Expo 2020 Global Innovator, NorthStart was established as the first employment agency in the United Arab Emirates with a mission to increase People of Determination workforce inclusion levels.


Through our on-going work with industry and community peers, we quickly realized that the classroom is where real, genuine inclusion begins. Inclusive classrooms equal inclusive workplaces, so it is a natural pivot for us to leverage our existing reach to support inclusive education in a meaningful way.

Every decision we make at NorthStart is underpinned by our values - safe, inclusive & sustainable - and is focused on creating equity for People of Determination in the UAE, ultimately strengthening the corporate and social fabric of the region to contribute to a sustainable future for all.

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